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January 2022

Dustin′s culinary journey

4 or 5 course menu

Fricassee of red label, black-feathered chicken | Prunier caviar
21 €

Canadian lobster | Thai curry
19 €

Moonfish | quinoa | papaya | cauliflower | white butter sauce
39 €


Braised American short rib | sweet potato | red onion | beans
42 €

pineapple | coconut

Jellied rosé Champagne soup | orange | raspberry
10 €

Selection of cheeses from maître affineur Volker Waltmann
(Additional price: €4 for 3 varieties | €8 for 5 varieties)

4 course menu
82 € / Person

With accompanying wines, €100

5 course menu
95 € / Person

With accompanying wines, 120 €


Vesttafel - eat, drink and enjoy!

Black-feathered chicken

Black-feathered chickens (French poulet noir fermier) originate from a noble breed of meat chicken, raised in largely natural surroundings. They are in great demand in sophisticated cuisine. The chickens are characterized by their dark feathers and dark red, almost black feet.

Prunier caviar

Caviar House has been specializing in this wonderful treasure since 1950. Over the years, the selection of caviar has taken on a special purpose with the highest aim being to select and to produce the world’s best caviar. Today, Caviar House and Prunier offer the ultimate choice of finest caviar. The roe comes solely from the best sturgeon farms throughout the world, which use the most exclusive methods of manufacturing the finest of caviars.


Optically, a feast for the eyes; moonfish, also known as opah fish are striking in appearance due to their red fins. The orange-pink coloured meat is firm and contains many important fatty acids. It is excellent for grilling or frying.

American short ribs

Short ribs come from the beef chuck portion of a beef animal. They are the five short ribs from the chuck section that are too small to be used for good steaks. So, in short, short ribs are just that: short ribs.
They have the advantage over other ribs in that the meat is not only on one side of the rib, but completely surrounds it.

The Vesttafel recommends…

3 course menu

Cream of spinach soup | poached quail egg | truffle
9 €

Breast of red label black-feathered chicken | turnip | cabbage | nashi maitake mushroom
35 €


Skrei fish | potato and smoked eel purée | beans | bacon
32 €


Risotto | radicchio salad | pear | Belper Knolle cheese
25 €

crème brûlée | orange sorbet
9 €

3 course menu
50 € / Person

With accompanying wines, 65 €



The Vesttafel highlights fresh German and International cuisine in its different features.

Red label

The red label is a French seal of approval for foods of the highest quality. It originated in 1965 as a request from French poultry farmers. At that time it was felt necessary to develop a quality seal which guaranteed traditional and natural livestock farming.


Winter cod fish. The meat of the skrei fish is delicate, firm, tender, lean and aromatic - a very special seasonal pleasure. The fine loin, the thick back fillet is especially succulent.

Belper Knolle

“Belper Knolle” cheese (French boule de Belp) is a raw cheese variety made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, from Belp, in the Swiss plateau. It can be found in two variants; red or gold depending on its degree of maturation, fresh or dry.